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Name: stefano soave
Production: Soave Giovanni & Piubeni Claudia
Tipology: human
Material: Meat and bones
Tecnology: up and down
Year: 1987
Awards: yaoung & design 2010 design dello stupore
Awards: GOOD DESIGN 2010

Stefano Soave was born in Manerbio on 16th September 1987, after early studyng Graphic design, he attended Machina Lonati Faschion and design Institute in Brescia, where he graduated in 2009 with NONO' Project (NO chair, NO stool). later the project was shown on the net and publisched in several trade magazines, getting an excellent world-wide success. In 2010 NONO' was produced and shown by Alma Design Company a t Salone Internazionale del Mobile, where he received the special price " il design dello stupore" on Saturday 17th April at Young and Design 2010 Contest and here in after GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2010 annually held at Chicago Atheneum Museum. In 2011 the little table Set-Up was exibited at Salone Internazionale del Mobile again with Alma Design. He was called as testimonial to represent the young Italian talent in the new advertising campaign for Alitalia. Nowadays he works in Brescia and he deals withProduct and Brand design, cooperationg with various Companies in the field Design



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